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Sending out Excel sheets to gather data?

Tired of tracking the responses?

Address Database

Improve your address database
in only three steps.

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Project Management

Get all status reports regularly
with three easy steps.

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Efficient data gathering gives you more time
to focus on the analysis of your budget.

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Master data management

Use rogr.io to manage your master data

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Sales Reporting

Support your sales by creating transparency
through efficient reporting with rogr.io

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Your own way

Ever tried to customize sharepoint and gather data with Excel?
In rogr.io, it's only three steps.

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Define your data structure. Let rogr.io organize the gathering.

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No installation needed. Start your data connection today, in three easy steps.


Which data was delivered when by whom? With rogr.io, you always have transparency.


Losing too much time dealing with clarifications? Rogr.io speeds it up with built-in communications.


Your data is important to us. Rogr.io stores it in a bank-trusted data center in Switzerland by default. Contact us for other locations.

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